New Trailer For LOGAN

LOGAN is said to be Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as iconic X-Men character Wolverine, and based on this final trailer it seems Jackman is poised to shine in this R-rated standalone. Patrick Stewart also stars in his final appearance as Professor X and Daphne Keen debuts as the long anticipated X23.



The first trailer for Logan sets up a dramatic, emotional  neo-Western character piece with smatterings of hard violence, accompanied perfectly by Johnny Cash’s goodbye opus Hurt.

The second and final trailer keeps several of the same elements but increases the action. We get a violent first look at X23, a character who’s “very much like” Logan according to Professor X and seemingly Logan’s daughter (or clone daughter if you follow the comic line.) The X23 arc is very popular among comic fans and it’s a story many have eagerly anticipated seeing on the big screen. We also get a better look at the villains, Boyd Holbrook portrays Donald Pierce. A Cyborg who along with his posse called The Reavers form a Cyborg opposisition to the X-Men.

Logan seems content and comfortable being a Hard R rated film, and after the success of it’s R-rated comic book predecessor Deadpool made almost $800 Millions at the box office you can expect many more overly graphic violence and gratuitous comedy fro comic films in the future in an attempt to offer us some variety in a world dominated by PG-13 superhero films (not that we don’t love those too! )

Logan is due out in theaters on March 3rd, 2017


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