The Mummy: Trailer Review


It wasn’t just the presence of Tom Cruise or a mildly recognizable bombshell by his side that put me in the mind of the Mission Impossible franchise. It was also seeing Tom Cruise accompanied by said bombshell while tumbling through a burning plane careening towards disaster, bouncing off the seats of a overturned double-decker bus, running through a building collapsing behind them all while sandwiched between shots of the obligatory explosions, military helicopters and automatic weapons. 

Not that any of this is a bad thing. In fact I’m a huge fan of 3 out of 5 of the Mission Impossible films (1 and 2 are just meh).

Of course this isn’t Mission Impossible 6, it’s The Mummy. The first entry in Universal’s new shared universe centered around Gods and Monsters. Technically The Mummy is a reboot to the movie of the same name from 1999 starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, which spawned a franchise of its own. This new Mummy film seems to be a reboot in name only, starring new actors with a new story and even a new setting, being set in present day as opposed to the mid 1920’s.   Of course the 1999 Mummy movies were a loose remake of Boris Karloff’s Mummy films of the 30’s so it’s a vicious cycle.

The main antagonist is to be played by Sofia Boutella, who was a standout from  earlier this in Star Trek: Beyond as a new character named Jaylah. She dawns a similar look in parts of The Mummy trailer as she did in Beyond, covered in white paint basically. There’s a whitewashing joke here somewhere but I can’t find it. In addition Academy Award winner Russell Crowe has joined the cast portraying none other than Dr.Jekyll himself. It will be interesting to see if Dr.Jekyll will get his own film down the road or if he’s just the Nick Fury of this universe?

Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet

Russell Crowe as Doctor Jekyll


Overall I’m cautiously optimistic for this film primarily because I want to see it succeed. I enjoy the shared universe cinematic experience and I hope that other studios other than Disney can pull it off. It will b interesting to see if this universe is relegated only to the big screen or if it will expand to other mediums 

We will cover this trailer along with new trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: The Last Knight and potentially a few others in Episode X 0f the VIA VHS Podcast.  You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @viavhs.


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  1. Jay · December 21

    Ha! Brilliant.


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