Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer #2!


That’s the prevailing feeling I got from the new Rogue One trailer! In this the presumably final trailer for Rogue One, the team at LucasFilm have started to peal back a few layers on the story.

We get a glimpse into the origins of Jyn Erso, and  for the first time we see her father Galen Erso and how is relationship with the empire has changed both of their lives. 

Rebellion is the prevailing theme as we see this rag-tag team of Rebel scum push back against an all too formidable Empire, one who is at the apex of its power and glory. 

New poster for Rogue One

This is definitely a war film, and fears that re-shoots tampered with its identity as a gritty war film have all but vanished. We see more of the battle on the Beach that Disney has been so keen on showing us, also a glimpse at an epic space battle as well.

While Rogue One is the first movie not part of the episodic saga, it seems that we will get everything we  would have wanted from a Star Wars film (except a lightsaber duel, I’m ok with that.) As for Darth Vader, we do see more of him in this trailer but I’m starting to get the impression he’s only in one scene.


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