The Defenders at NYCC!

Love it or hate it, Luke Cage was and is Marvel’s latest hit on Netflix, following two seasons of the wildly popular Daredevil and the oddly satisfying Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, while garnering more mixed reviews than it’s Marvel/Netflix counterparts, did its job and delivered and entertaining show that not only strengthened the Marvel TV universe but crashed  Netflix’s servers  upon release due to overwhelming demand. 

Now amongst news of a Punisher TV series being filmed as we speak, in addition to future seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and presumably Luke Cage, Marvel made another big splash at New York Comic-Con with footage of its next original Netflix series.


Daniel Rand is bringing his brand of Kung-Fu to Netflix as the next Marvel character to get his own stand-alone series Iron Fist. A future member of The Defenders, Rand (a.k.a) Iron Fist is the son of  Wendell Rand, American entrepreneur and in the past, rightful heir to the city of K’un-Lun. The trailer features a familiar brand of action as to what we see in Daredevil, as evidenced by a hallway fight scene that not only pays homage to a legendary fight scene in Daredevil season 1, but also a very famous fight scene from The Raid 2, another modern Kung-Fu franchise. We also get a glimpse at the mystical force that earns Rand the name Iron Fist as well as an ominous Morpheus like voice over. Relative unknowns make up the core cast, Iron Fist is being portrayed by actor Finn Jones and starring along side him as Colleen Wing, another exciting Marvel character, is Jessica Henwick.



Just as the Marvel Cinemaric Universe properties built up to the ultimate team up in The Avengers, the Marvel/Netflix cast of characters are teaming up in Marvel’s other TV tentpole 2017 release,  The Defenders. 

Not much is known about The Defenders story or its villains, but in one major announcement from NYCC, we know  which actress will be portraying the lead villain, none other than reigning Sci-Fi queen Sigourney Weaver.


The surprise announcement brought huge applause to the NYCC floor at the Marvel/Netflix panel, and immediately everyone began speculating on which Marvel villain Sigourney would be portraying. Regardless, the casting of such a huge name for the Marvel/Netflix universe is another notch in the cap for this so far illustrious partnership. Still not known is weather or not The Defenders will eventually make their transition to the big screen and/or team up with The Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War and it’s untitled sequel. Either way, Marvel is changing the game across several mediums. 


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  1. Paul Bowler · October 10

    I think the Iron Fist / Defenders panel at NYCC was one of the best things about NCC216 this year. Great to hear all the news about Sigourney Weaver being the villain in Defenders, and how awesome what that Iron Fist trailer, awesome!

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