Power Rangers Trailer

Should our bar really be that high? I mean of course The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was fun when you were a kid. But  was it really that great? Bad acting, weird and predictable plots, aesthetically odd and more cheese than Wisconsin. Sure I loved the Power Rangers, but does the mythos really give you enough to work with?


Either way, in this re-boot, nostalgia driven blockbuster era of Hollywood this remake was inevitable so we might as well get excited about it and criminally overrate the original. 

For me, the standard is set by the original TV show. The acting, the plots, the costumes and sets can’t go anywhere but up really if you’re using the same standard as me. So to me the re-boot has to deliver on two things, action and fun, the two things the original Power Rangers always delivered! 

What I Liked:

I liked that the Rangers were actually Morphin’. 

In the original show the characters were already martial arts experts and were essentially chosen based on that merit. What made them Power Rangers was spandex and access to giant dinosaur themed robots. In the rebooted version it seems the characters gain their powers after interacting with very familiar looking stones. The change from punk kid to basic superhero isn’t original in concept but does allow more character development. Or Morphin if you prefer. 

I also liked that these little bastards who are going to be the Power Rangers are bad kids, the outcasts, the Breakfast Club. In the original, Zordon said he wanted teenagers with attitude, what he got were virtual saints and choir boys. These kids are damaged, fighting with their parents and going to Saturday school. 

What I didn’t like: 

Like I said, the acting couldn’t go anywhere but up. Having said that, if you can get great acting, why not?  So far I’m not seeing anything that stands out amongst the cast of Rangers. Basically they seem like a cast from Free Form or CW teenage soap opera.

Granted, adding Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston to the cast goes a long way but we don’t know what capacity they’ll be shown. 

Also the plot. I’m sure it will be better than any plot-line that we got in the original Rangers tv show, but so far it seems like another generic Footloose, small town, misunderstood teen story that we’ve seen countless times. I do like the troubled aspect of the new Rangers, like I mentioned above. However,  the story doesn’t have to sell out to that trope. 


Im definitely going to check this out. My expectations aren’t high but I hope to have a fun time with this film and walk out of theaters feeling like one of my childhood favorites was actually justified for once, unlike Transformers and the latest Ninja Turtles films. Not only am I getting the “young adult” vibe from this film, but the fact that it’s also distributed by Lionsgate and co-starting Elizabeth Banks makes me feel like this could be the next Hunger Games. If this movie performs in similar fashion to the first Hunger Games, it could spawn higher quality sequels down the road. Either way I’m pumped to see Power Rangers but setting the bar a little low. 


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