The VIA VHS Podcast has arrived! Also a Blog revival.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in over a  week. I’ve been busy getting VIA VHS Phase 2 up and running, Phase 2 being my new podcast. 

As a writer,  I’m far from where I want to be, but I’ve come a very long way over the past year. After one pilot episode, followed by a first official episode of my podcast, I evidently have a similar journey ahead in the podcasting field. That said, I don’t plan on slowing down with my blog anytime soon and hope that each VIA VHS medium will continue to offer something different and serve a unique  purpose. 

The folks part of the community of bloggers and podcasters that I’ve met to this point has been the best part of everything I’ve done so far. I’ve found so much quality content and so many  friendly people excited to share their work and possibly even collaborate. I’ll refrain from trying to mention them all in fear that I’ll forget an important podcaster or blogger who has inspired me thus far, but I can assure you there are several. 

Over the next few months I plan on blogging almost daily, along with bringing you weekly VIA VHS podcasts, all the while preparing for Phase 3 of VIA VHS which is a YouTube channel. YouTube content will not only feature the weekly podcast in video form but also movie reviews by not only myself and the VIA VHS panel, but several guest characters such as Scooter “Danger” Douglas Jr, who reviews action films and Rex & Perry who cover Hollywood gossip and fashion in their own cynical brand of humor.

Scooter “Danger” Douglas JR.

In addition, nostalgia will play a huge role in VIA VHS. Semi-regularly we will pick older films from the VIA VHS library and feature them in a segment that week across all platforms. It will start by a live YouTube commentary and watch party. Obviously we can’t show a film on YouTube, however we can ask you to sync your video up with ours to be treated with an audio commentary. This way we can watch the film together with a live chat, in effect we will all be watching the movie together. For those of you who want to expand your knowledge of movies and catch a few films you haven’t seen, this will be your opportunity to become a bonafide cinephile and help grow the VIA VHS community. After all that’s the main goal for me here at VIA VHS, to create a community of Movie and TV loving crazies. Yes there will be t-shirts. 
I’ve only touched on a few of the ideas I have lined up for VIA VHS and I can’t wait to get everything up and rolling. But before I get too far ahead of myself I should let you get a listen to my podcast. Episode #1 features myself as host, Derek Cunningham as a co-host and in the future a major contributor to VIA VHS along with our first guest and good friend Beebz (a.k.a) Purp Haze (a.k.a) Andrew Gibson. Beebz may be a feature panelist and contributor down the road. So without further ado…,

THE VIA VHS PODCAST in our first episode Wesley, Derek and Beebz pick their most anticipated films of the Fall/Holiday season 2016 and give a State of the Union for the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. Also including ramblings on #Brangelina, Will Smith and a favorite past time, bashing Michael Bay.  

Not gonna lie, Episode #1 isn’t perfect but as far as the content goes I’m very proud. Things are only get better as we get more comfortable with podcasting and create more of an identity for the show. Wanna catch up on the Fall/Holiday movie season yourself? Here is a YouTube Trailer Playlist I curated for your viewing pleasure. 


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