Deathstroke Is Coming To The Big Screen To Face Batman In The DCEU.

Seemingly out of nowhere Ben Affleck (a.k.a Batman, a.k.a Bruce Wayne) of the DC Extended Universe shared a very interesting video to his social media accounts..

That’s very clearly Slade Wilson’s alter ego Deathstroke and keeping with DCEU tradition he so far at least looks really freaking cool, if aesthetics are all that we are going to get with this character (Suicide Squad *cough*) that remains to be seen. As far as who’s actually behind the mask we don’t have confirmation, but if rumors are to be believed Joe Manganiello has been bopping around on set with a new haircut so it may be Joe that’s playing the masked villain.

Initial reports seemed to suggest Deathstroke was another villain being added to Justice League but if later reports are true, it seems Deathstroke will actually be facing off against Batman in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film. One that Affleck is writing, directing and starring in himself.

As of now there is no official release date or title (Batfleck Year One: Daddy Issues) for the Batman solo movie but in the mean time you can next see the train wreck that has been the DCEU in Wonder Woman on June 2nd, 2017 and then Justice League on November 17, 2017.


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