Power Rangers Reboot Casts Bryan Cranston As Zordon! Plus New Poster 

The career of Bryan Cranston has now come full circle. Before becoming a national treasure by playing Walter White, the titular character on the now legendary show Breaking Bad, Cranston was doing lowly voice work as villains for the original Power Rangers TV show. These days Cranston is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and is flooding the big ans small screens with role after role including his appearances in Godzilla, All The Way (as Lyndon B. Johnson), an upcoming film called The Infiltrator and his role in Trumbo which garnered him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. It seems Cranston’s Power Rangers past is a distant memory.  Well, not so fast..

New Power Rangers Suits

 Today it was announced that Cranston will now play the Power Rangers mentor  Zordon, in the upcoming Hollywood reboot. Joining a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, as Zordon and the Power Rangers arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa. Cranstons surprise casting only girls the flames to what is becoming a highly anticipated reboot, with almost every story coming from the set pleasing both young and old fans alike. 

Banks as Rita Repulsa

Power Rangers is expected to hit theaters March, 24th 2017 starring Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Dave Denman, Naomi Scott, Becky G, and RJ Cyler. Directed by Dean Israelite. Oh, and here is the new teaser poster I promised:



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