Pete’s Dragon Full Trailer

The first image we got the 2016 Pete’s Dragon was a little underwhelming to say the least. I have to be honest, I didn’t even know Disney was doing a re-make, so when I saw the initial image from Entertainment Weekly I pretty much wrote this movie off as a bust.The dragon is furry for crying out loud! This isn’t the Pete’s Dragon I used to watch on (1)

Sometime in February a first trailer was released that I wasn’t even aware of until today when Disney released the the full official trailer, which in my opinion was surprisingly impressive. Granted this new dragon is hardly the goofy cartoon dragon of the old film but looks way better in the context of the trailer than in that initial photo. I’m getting a E.T, Iron Giant, How To Train Your Dragon vibe from this and with a cast that includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Wes Bentley and Karl Urban, Pete’s Dragon has a chance at being another critical and commercial success for the Mouse House! (what’s new?) Here is the trailer for Pete’s Dragon (2016)


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