Welcome to VIA VHS!

So I’d like to formally welcome all of you to VIA VHS! A Blog, YouTube channel and Podcast.

This is the blogging wing (currently only operational wing) of my multi-faceted internet entertainment hub, that will cover movies, TV and other forms of entertainment. VIA VHS will be a fan community that will not only offer commentary on the current entertainment landscape but also offer a healthy dose of nostalgia. I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on entertainment,  I’m well aware that film is objective, so I  hope to create an atmosphere where all can share approval or disapproval on various items of entertainment without others feeling threatened or insulted. For instance I can bash the seven hour long shit stain that is called the Star Wars prequels in a profanity filled tirade while accepting and appreciating your opposing view. I know that a perfect utopia as the one I just framed doesn’t exist, especially on the internet, where basement dwelling trolls are emboldened by anonymity behind a keyboard, in their underwear, eating a lean-pocket.

That being said I want this endeavor to have a sense of community and fun that we can all use as an escape from our everyday lives, a reprieve from society at large (especially needed in an election year like this one.)
So when a new trailer hits the internet expect VIA VHS to cover it. When a big budget blockbuster or highly anticipated indie film hits theaters expect VIA VHS to review it/ criminally over analyze it for hours longer than the film actually lasted…I’m kidding, kind of.

Like I said nostalgia will also play a huge part in this endeavor as well. I love revisiting older movies and TV shows and my desire  is for us to do that together as a group. For instance, instead of re-watching Predator one night and then blogging or vlogging about my experience the next day, I’ll instead inform the community of VIA VHS disciples that next week’s retro classic will be Predator and all of us can pick a night over the next week to watch it and share our experience together as a group. 

It’s this sense of community that I believe is still fueling the current movie industry.In this age of Netflix and online streaming, big screen HDTV’s, re-emergence of episodic TV and the Internet in general, the movie industry in it’s current form should honestly be tanking! In fact  I just finished watching The Revenant on Vudu, a movie I somehow missed a chance to see while in theaters. The sprawling visual epic looked amazing on my TV and I can’t imagine that  I missed out too much on the experience of watching the film in theaters. However while critics and cinephiles were gushing about how amazing The Revenant was all over the internet and social media, I was in the dark. Granted this is all my fault because I decided to see The Force Awakens three times in theaters while The Revenant was playing. I didn’t regret my decision until the week of The Oscars, when everybody was deliberating as to weather or not Leo should take home his first Oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass or if The Revenant deserves to win best picture. I wanted to be able to give my two cents on The Revenant and Leo’s performance but I couldn’t, I missed out. Most of my “friends” in the giant internet movie fan community had seen it together and could happily share Leo Oscar Gif’s and Bear jokes with each other. This desire for millenial movie fans to share and deliberate on their movie going experiences is packing people into theaters like never before. The constant wave of sequels and new chapters in shared universe only adds fuel to the fire, creating anxiety among fans that they will miss the next chapter in the story and be out of the loop.

So yes, VIA VHS is another forum for us to deliberate on current and future films, get hype about great trailers, have meltdowns about horrible trailers and obsess about the films we love and hate. That same formula will be applied to the older films, I’ll release a trailer, announce a release date and we will all watch that particular film for the thousandth time or the first time together and offer our oh so valuable opinion.
With all of this being said I’m excited about the future for VIA VHS and can’t wait to get started on my podcast/YouTube channel as well. Hopefully make some friends along the way as too.




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